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The major goal of version 0.2.3 is to support partial reflow of the CSS rendering tree.
The secondary goal is to release escort binary packages for Ubuntu in addition to Fedora.

Priority High

✓ TODO: Support 'https:'

✓ TODO: Do not create /usr/libexec on Ubuntu

✓ TODO: Support building deb packages for Ubuntu 12.04 (precise)


✓ TODO: Support offline rendering of the render tree

Keep the rendering result in an OpenGL texture and use it for repaint during reflow;
stop using double tree algorithm for repaint and reflow to simplify the tree manipulation.

r2934 ‐ Introduce Canvas class for offline rendering using ARB_framebuffer_object OpenGL extension
r2935 ‐ Keep the rendering result in the canvas of each Window object
r2936 ‐ Stop using double render tree algorithm
r2937–r2942, r2944 ‐ Bug fixes

✓ TODO: Do not trigger non-required 'reflow' event by partial style recalculation, etc.

r2943 ‐ Eliminate non-required 'reflow' by WindowImp::setSize via BlockLevelBox::layOutReplacedElement; e.g., when scrolling the window

✓ TODO: Lay out absolutely positioned boxes by traversing the stacking contexts

✓ TODO: Prepare test cases for incremental reflow

✓ TODO: Support incremental reflow

r2968r2974 ‐ Support partial-reflow-basic-001; note 002 is not supported yet
r2970 ‐ Recompute resolve style values if the size of the containing block has been changed
r2976 ‐ Do not reflow an absolutely positioned box if the size of the content area is same
r2990 ‐ Support partial reflow of inline blocks and floating boxes
r3065 - Process collapse-through margins during incremental reflow

✓ TODO: Incremental selector matching and block box reconstruction

When elements are added or removed to a DOM tree, selector matching should be executed only for a part of the DOM tree.

Test cases: r2982r3000

r3002 ‐ Support basic patterns
r3084 ‐ Bug fixes

✓ TODO: Support incremental reflow of tables

✓ TODO: HTTP 304 Not Modified is not handled correctly

r3127 ‐ Bug fixes

Priority Middle

✓ TODO: Refine outputs via recordTime()

✓ TODO: Load completion of a binding document is not properly notified to the bound document to expand a shadow tree

✓ TODO: The table cell's 'height' property must not increase the height of the cell box.

cf. http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/tables.html#height-layout

Priority Low